Thong Panties

We all have days we want to be extra sexy. When that’s how I’m feeling I love wearing thong panties. You should always wear panties that are pretty, flattering and make you feel sexy. So if you feel sexy in a thong, wear it!

Thong panties are usually a girl’s favorite panty as well as the hottest selling panty. Lets face it, thongs make your butt look hot and men love to see them just as much as we love to wear them.

thong panties

Eye catching and functional, thong underwear is now the mainstay of most woman’s lingerie drawers. Thongs appeal to woman of all ages because there’s nothing better than no panty lines under your tight fitting skirt or skinny jeans.

Why wear thong panties? Here are a few of my top reasons my lingerie drawer is over flowing with these sassy little intimates:

  • There are no panty lines.
  • Thongs are extremely sexy.
  • They are the most comfortable panties on the market.
  • Low rise thongs are great for today’s “low rise” fashion.
  • They provide a great tease under sexy sheer sleepwear.
  • Men tend to love a woman in a sexy thong due to the revealing nature.

Thongs are now a fact of life and not the scandal they once were. Associated with only exotic dancers. They are accepted sexy underwear that woman love to own, wear and show off. In today’s world you can hardly keep track there are so many different styles of thongs.

What it all boils down to though, you will be the only one who will ever really know or even care have fabulous you feel in your thong. But that’s okay, because in reality, ultimately, what you got going on under your clothes needs to please only one person: You.