Micro G-String Bikini

Wearing a micro G-string bikini not only takes lots of confidence, but also entail some kind of preparation.  For one, you have to choose the swimwear that fits you well, or else you’re just going to be uncomfortable the entire outing.  A G-string swimsuit reveals much, so it would be best if you have a well-toned body that you can be proud of when you hit the beach. With a micro swimwear, you will not fail to turn heads your way.

DOs for wearing your micro swimsuit

Do choose a beachwear with a color that works well with your skin tone.  Choosing a swimsuit with the right color can do much to accentuate your best attributes.  If you have a fair complexion, warm colors will look good on you.  But if you are tan, you might want to choose light-colored swimwear.

Do get your bikini area waxed.  When you wear a G-string bottom, you are going to leave only very little to the imagination of your viewers.  Make sure that you have no unsightly hairs peeking out, because this is a huge turn off.

Do choose a micro bathing suit that fits you well.  If the two-piece you choose does not fit you well, it might not look good on you, or worse, you might have to keep tugging to keep it in place.  Surely, this wouldn’t look sexy or appealing at all.

Do pick a beach outfit that complements your body type.  If you have a small chest, a bandeau top will be perfect for you.  In case you have a fuller bosom, you might want to stick with halter-style or triangle tops.  It would also be good for you to consider wearing tankinis in case you want to conceal your midriff.

DON’TS for wearing a G-string swimwear

Don’t take applying sunscreen for granted.  Also, make sure that you apply sunscreen on every exposed part of your body, and reapply sunscreen after spending an hour or two in the water or after excessive sweating.  Applying sunscreen will not only keep you from getting sunburnt, but will also prevent you from getting skin cancer.

Don’t keep a bikini if it is already been with you for a long time. After many washings, your two-piece can lose its elasticity and may not fit well anymore.  Take the time to shop few new swimsuits.  After all, they are worth it if you really want to look your best at the beach.