Mesh G-String Bikini

Wearing a mesh G-string bikini can make you worthy of being a head-turner.  This swimsuit is made up of a loosely woven fabric with many closely-spaced holes.  With this swimwear, you are covering up your private areas while still giving people a glimpse of what is underneath.  Because of its see through feature, expect smoldering eyes on you as you strut your stuff down the shoreline.  Wearing this style of bathing suit will also give you a more even tan because the rays of the sun can easily penetrate the fabric.  So make sure that you put lots of sunscreen on your body, if you do not want to deal with the painful sunburn later on.

Choosing from different swimwear styles

While some are confident enough to pull off any sexy look, a bikini made of mesh can be too daring for some.  If you are the modest type but like the texture of this material, you do not have to cross this out of your option.  You can always choose a swimsuit that comes with a lining.  Some swimwear have a lining of cotton or lycra so that it won’t be a see-through.  This is a great option if you are not comfortable with revealing too much but find the material comfortable.

When choosing from different bikinis, you also have to think about more than just the fabric.  You should also think about the cut and style you are going to wear.  These can come in low rise, extremely low rise, high cut, and waist high bikini styles.  Some G-string bottoms even have appliques such as butterflies or flowers at the back waistband.  Make sure that you choose the kind of beach apparel that you will be comfortable to wear.  You can always choose to go for more modest tops such as tankinis, in case you do not want to be too bold or daring.

Buying your swimsuits

You can purchase mesh bathing suits from local swimwear stores and online shops.  It is more advisable for you to go to a store and try on different swimming outfits so you can pick the best one for your body frame.  If you prefer shopping online, just make sure that the store allows return or exchange of merchandise so your money won’t go to waste in case the bikini you bought did not fit you so well.  You should also take note of shipping fees so that you will know just how much you are spending for your summer getup.