Hot G-Strings

If you would like to make yourself the center of attention at the beach, why not try wearing a hot g-strings aka thong bikini bottom?  This kind of bottom style is sure to turn heads wherever you go as it provides minimal coverage, which means that you are going to have less tan lines. I buy almost all of my bikinis from an online store called TeenyB Bikini Couture. They have some of the cutest micro bikinis and thong bikinis. The ones with pucker detailing on back look amazing.

hot gstring pictures hot g-string pictures

Choose the right pieces

Check out various swimwear stores that have fine selections of G-strings.  Take note of the colors, styles, and fabrics used for the pieces.  There are lots to choose from, from mesh high-cut bottoms to cotton or leather with a V-cut front.  You can also choose from different patterns such as polka dots, plain, stripes, checkered, or floral.  The possibilities are endless.

Aside from this, you should also consider the bikini top.  With a skimpy bottom piece, so you might want to cover up a bit by sporting a tankini.  If you are not worried about showing off some skin, then a simple bandeau or halter may be what you are looking for.  You can choose a two-piece set, or just buy a different top and different bottoms.  This way, you can mix and match the pieces according to your liking.

Of course, you should always take the fit into consideration.  Both top and bottom pieces must fit comfortably.  It is also important that the front of your bikini covers your intimate areas well.

Buying your swimsuit

You can buy G-string swimwear from stores offering a fine selection of beach apparel.  If you are not comfortable with trying these on at the store, then you can just shop online.  Before you purchase your bathing suits though, you must first check whether the store allows returns or not.  It would be better to purchase a swimming outfit that you can return to the store so that you will not be wasting money in case it will not fit you well.

Do your best to look good

You will be baring more skin when you wear string bikini swimwear, so you might as well make sure that you look good while all eyes are on you.  Take the time to exercise and tone your body before you go to the beach.  You can also choose to get a tan so you will not show up with a pale complexion.  More than that, you should have the confidence to feel good about yourself and what you are wearing.

G-String Bikini Pictures